Who is the best in the smartwatch market?

Best Smartwatch, Apple Watch

Smartwatch market has dominated the US technology company Apple Apple Apple’s competitors are coming forward quickly. Apple’s share has dropped below 45 percent as market share.

A recent study by market research firm ABI Research has revealed this. According to the report ‘Wireless Devices Market Share and Forecast Report’, Apple’s smartwatch market grabbed in 43.50 percent in the second and third quarter of the year.

Smartwatch maker Fitbitt is next to Apple. Next is Huawei and Samsung. These three organizations have been holding 8% as market share. This information was given in a report by the NDTV.

According to the ABI Research, in the year 2018 smartwatch like 4 million units came to the market.

Market analysts say that Apple has lost the smartwatch market in the past. Apple’s smartwatch market share has decreased in a few margins. The US company has lost 14 percent market share in the fourth quarter of 2017 and the first quarter of 2014.

ABI Research analyst Stefan Tometet said, as the smartwatch market is growing, customers are leaning towards other brands except Apple. Apple’s market share in the last few quarters is declining. Apple has brought some subscribers to the Apple Watch series in 2014, some customers dragged Apple This watch feature is available on other brands of smartphones. Their prices are relatively low. So their occupation in the market could grow further.

According to the ABI Research forecast, smartwatch sales of 4 million units in the year 2018 will reach 9.99 million units by 2023.

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