Who gain benefits from Apple’s loss?

Apple Loss, The iphone sales of the new model have dropped

In the tech world, this thing is now well-known for Apple iPhone makers. Because, experts say, the benefits of many common people is the loss of Apple. It does not have to wait for the new iPhone every year. It will not cost much money. People are aware of this now. It does not easily leave its old phone. This is reducing the sale of new phones.

Many people around the world did not show much interest in Apple’s expensive iPhone in the year 2018, so they did not get much response. IPhone 3’s new models come in the market in the last quarter of last year. Apple authorities cut their earnings target before they realized the issue.
British magazine Economist recently said in a report that in the three months of September to December, the iPhone has been hit by the decrease in its revenue targets in three months.

The reason for this is easy to guess. One of the reasons for the slow pace of iPhone sales. The spread of the news spread to the rising price of Apple’s share of the price reindeer. On January 3, Apple’s share price was reduced by 10 percent. Apple’s parts suppliers are losing its share price.

Not only will Apple be seen, the world’s top smartphone maker Samsung Electronics has lost its smartphone sales in the last three months. Note that Samsung also works as a supplier of Apple’s iPhone.

Market analysts say smartphone sales have decreased in 2018 compared to 2017. This is the first time in the year-wise smartphone sector. Bad news for those who have invested in the hope of rising in this sector. But in a big way, the sale of 140 million smartphones annually is great news for humanity.

People have voted on smartphones as the most successful consumer product in history, in the history of products that cost people money. Nearly 400 million people have a phone call from around 550 million adults in the world. With the help of this smartphone, billions of people get information and services. Increasing market efficiency due to mobile phones, developing infrastructure of the developing country and contributing to the growth. However, it is also used as a tool to spread false information and waste time. However, there is a lot more good than evil. It is a very effective tool for the development of existence.

Decreasing the sales of smartphones is going to shock? That’s not the case. The real thing is that market saturation or demand and supply have reached the same level. Within a decade, the smartphone was quickly accepted by the people. Customers who buy smartphones for the first time are few. Smartphone vendor is getting very low cost customers. This has become a tough challenge for Apple. The US company has earned the majority of the market by grabbing only 13 percent of the smartphone market. This is Apple’s suffering and human liberation. The advantage is that the magic machine has spread so much that it can be celebrated now.
Those who do not have a smartphone yet, they will go towards a new smartphone? Market analysts say that the replacement of the phone’s replacement is longer. People are not changing phones anymore. Because they see something new on the smartphone.

Economist says people are using many phones for more than three years. Many people are interested in referrals and old phones. So, if the time of the update of smartphones is higher, the number of smartphone usage is actually increasing. Because of this, many started getting the benefits of the smartphone. As soon as the update of the smartphone is late, the more comfort for many, the more comfort for many.

But what is the pace of innovation? No, the innovative features of smartphones have no signs of slowing down. New smartphones are being integrated with new technology Adding a 3D Face Scanner, Artificial Intelligence or Artificial Intelligent Camera. As the technology of this smartphone is affecting, new technologies like mainstream cars and washing machines are not so much effected. This means, some additional smartphones are becoming important. Now around the smartphone, services like mobile payments, video streaming have been developed as an innovation. It has also become important for future control of SmartHome and Robot Taxi services.

Computer is getting smaller day and people are coming closer. Many people say that the products like wired devices or wearable technologies and overhead royalty headset will become big technology in the coming days. But finding another product like smartphones is still far away. Smartphone still retains its commitment and application in the computing and global communications sector. But now the sale of smartphones must be bad news for this sector. It is also seen as an indication of a good start for people considering global variable technology.

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