Which colors evoke which moods and emotions!

Which colors evoke which moods and emotions this topic is needs to know must as a graphic designer. Ever wonder why most bank logos are blue or why warning signs use red?
These are no accidents, but conscious decisions by people who know the impact the right color can make. While each color produces subtle psychological effects that can even vary based on the hue, here we’ll give just a basic overview of only the primary colors:

Red – assertiveness, power, passion –

Actually stimulates blood flow looking at it.

Orange – playfulness, friendliness, affordability – less stimulating than red, but still energetic.

Yellow – happy, anxious, energetic – also used in warning signs because it catches attention.


Green – growth, balance, wealth (U.S.) – the middle color of the rainbow accurately represents a nice balance.


Blue – trustworthy, inviting, calm – the most popular color on the Internet, it’s trustworthy and calming attributes make it attractive to both financial and social media companies.

Purple – mysterious, luxury, creativity – the color of royalty still holds an air of decadence.

White – virtuous, sterile, simple – associated with both doctors and holiness, white’s also a go-to choice for unobtrusive backgrounds.

Black – sophisticated, edgy, dominating – the most powerful color will give your site an oppressive feeling if overused.


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