When using the computer, you have to follow those things

When using the computer, you have to follow those things

Those who have been working on a computer for a long time every day, they may have different types of physical symptoms. For example: pain in the waist, neck and thigh, shoulders and fingers become numb, wrists pain in hand, eyes become red, eyes dry, and headache. But most of these problems are due to inappropriate chairs-tables and body parts. For those who use the desktop, the computer table should be fitting.

Associate professor and pain, physiotherapy and sports injection specialist Dodilur Rahman, of the Nopani Institute of Professional Studies, said that the funding of the human body is fundamental. That is, the body was not ready to sit or stand for 8-12 hours. But due to excessive use of rapidly changing technology at the workplace, working environment, work environment, due to non-acceptable or stable conditions for proper working conditions, there are many diseases or problems in the body. As a result, workers are forced to leave their jobs because of various pain, discomfort, emotional problems, physical weakness and fatigue, numbness, headache and in many cases. The effect of which will be the deterioration of the employee’s own and the family’s life and the macroeconomic damage and negative conditions of the society and the country may be created collectively. It is to be noted that 25 to 27 percent of workers in Europe complain of such pain or problems, and these are the most important reasons for absence from work in all member states of Europe.

If you follow some specific exercises, stretching and proper bone, you can easily get rid of these problems. You can follow the suggestions below for this.

Keeping the proper height and distance of the chair, table and computer monitors, adjusting the body composition. In this case, the computer monitor should be kept slightly above your eyesight at a distance of 1 hand, and keep it on the chair chair while sitting on the chair, so that the body weight is distributed equally in the waist and keep the spine and head straight.

Keep the feet fixed, do not bend the legs on the floor, and avoid for long periods of the same body and in front of you. Use full hand instead of only wrist in typing and make sure to support wrist and hand.

For individual people, the exact table, chair, desk, etc. have to be measured accordingly. For this, the help of trained people can be taken. For some, special types of equipment, such as: special keyboards, keyboard trays, document holders, special office chairs, pedestrians may need to be arranged.

Keep in mind that matters

How far will you sit?
Computer monitors and head-level parallel play. The screen will have a face in parallel to the neck, so that the neck does not look high. If you work close to the computer, it may cause damage to the eyes. So work at least 50 centimeters away from the monitor. The best is if you work 75 centimeters away. However, in the case of high resolution computer this distance can be 100 centimeters.

Each case is different
Everything is different from the users sitting in front of the computer, looking at the screen, the habit, and so on. So you have to check separately, who will feel comfortable working in front of the screen. Keep an eye on whether there is enough room to handle hand, with enough space. Apart from this, it is necessary to observe the height of the table chair in this case.

Monitors eyes
Computer monitors are at least 20 to 26 inches away from the eyes. The top points of the monitor are in the eye parallel, do not look too high for the sake of force. The feet below the computer table will have enough comfort to get the space, will not clutter. The height of the table is parallel to the elbow. The keyboard and mouse area will be up to 1 to 2 inches above your thighs. The wrists are straight and the sides of the floor will be exactly 90 degrees. Place the monitor in a place where there will be no eye pressure for extra light. Just a little away from the window.

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