VLC reaches 300 million milestones

Popular Media Player in the World - VLC Player

VLC’s name comes to mind when it comes to media player. The video player in open source has crossed the milestone of 300 million downloads. The company has announced the milestone touch at the CES 2014 Trade Fair, which began in Las Vegas from January 8th.

VLC Media Player, a non-profit organization called Video Lan. Displaying the number of VLC downloads in all the platforms in a booth at the fair, the company has shown. Before the fair began, there were less than 10 million downloads to reach 300 million mark milestones. The milestone crossed the milestone last Thursday.

Later, VLC developer Ludovic Favet published a tweet about 300 million downloads.

VLC Media Player has been one-fourth of the 300 million downloads from the mobile platform. Outside of the Android version VLC Media Player has announced to bring Airplay support VideoLan There will be video streaming facility available from Apple TV to Apple TV.

Apart from this, VLC Android apps will be updated so that streaming media can be accessed in various ways in different media. Apart from this, additional support will be added for VR content. Outside of the Play Station 4, Nintendo Switch and Raku VLC media player app on the device will bring video LAN.


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