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Best selfie camera smartphone

The Google pixel three is in the top spot from the camera’s side of the selfie. After that Samsung Galaxy Note 9 | The camera rating website Diso Mark has recently released a list of the best smartphone selfies on camera. Among the top 12 smartphone brands on that list are Google, Samsung, Xiaomi, Apple, Huawei, Mitu and Intecks. It includes multiple phones of the same brand.

DXO Mark has long been known to release the camera ranking for a long time. This year, the company has released the ranking of the Selfi Camera for the first time. The same rules have been adopted in the case of Self-camera Cameras Examination which is to be used to test a smartphone’s back camera.

Their claims, they perform neutral and reliable tests for the performance of the cameras for the customers and the quality of the pictures. Initially 12 popular smartphones were tested. Among these, Apple’s iPhone X and iPhone X are available. There are two phones in the list 4 and 10.

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DXO Mark said that the pictures taken on the camera, the video’s scores they considered. In this case, various subjects like exposure, color, focus, texture, noise, artifacts were examined.

Among the phones on the DXO list, Google’s Pixel 3 and Samsung Galaxy Note 9 jointly received 92 out of 100. Xiaomi Mi Mix-3’s number 84 on the list. IPhone X Max Max Number 82 IPhone X Number 71.00.

Other phones on the list are the Galaxy S9 Plus (5), Pixel 2 (6), Huawei Mate 20 Pro (7), Galaxy S8 (8), P20 Pro (9), Meitu V6 (11) and Intex Acua Selfi (12) .

Earlier, DXO Mark released the best camera smartphone list in March last year. Among the list are Google Pixel 2, Apple iPhone Ten, Huawei’s Mate 10 Pro, Apple iPhone 8 Plus, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Apple iPhone 8, Google Pixel, HTC U11, Vivo X20 Plus, Shawmi MI Note 3.

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