The technologies that will surprise this year

The technologies that will surprise this year

Discuss what can happen in the new year after the departure of a year. The year was one of the most discussed years in the global technology sector. Although some innovative technologies have been found, some big scandals have been reported in the IT sector. In 2019, too many technologies can have a big impact on our lives. This year, mobile phone device’s mechanical sliders and speedy display, fifth-generation mobile phone network technology five-smartphones and smart voice assistants, more advanced, unified quality headset, and foldable screens and devices will create glimpses of global technology.

Voice assistant
Voice Assistant has already responded. This year, it has improved and voice assistant device will now have the ability to recognize multiple members of a family voice command. As a result, voice assistants can serve the needs of each person. All smartphones will be spreading smart smartphones as well as smart devices this year. Virtual Assistant Voice Assistant technology is found on devices like smart TVs, refrigerators, washing machines, media players, cars, digital projectors and action cameras.

Water drop Notch
The first notch display was found on the smartphone device last year. The advantage of notch display is to include cameras, earpieces and ambient light sensors in very few places in the middle of the upper part of the device display. Due to this, the use of large screen displays is possible without increasing the size of the device. But this year the display of the notch will become smaller. Along with Vanplus, mobile phone device manufacturers such as Huawei, Vivo and Apollo have brought the handset of Water drop Notch display to the market. Dual display can be seen this year.

90 and 120 Hertz display
Many of the device users look at the day-to-day display. Some device manufacturer displays better than others. From affordable to premium handsets, now high resolution, bright and high-end organic light-emitting diode (OLED) display can be seen. There is a shortage of all types of display, which is refresh rate. The ideal refresh rate for display is 60 Hz. That means when someone sees a picture on a smartphone display, this standard refresh rate display refreshes the image 60 times per second. Increasing the refresh rate will remove the blurring while watching content. Speed ​​up the display speed. Using 90 or 120 Hertz displays, one does not want to go back to the previous standard. Refresh rate display handsets are available in the market this year.

High battery and quick charging technology
The battery capacity will reach the final stage of the device this year. Fast charging technology will also improve. Powerful batteries were found in all mobile phones last year. At the same time, the problem with which the device is heated in the battery, its permanent solution may match.

Digital addiction
Due to the addiction of digital device, the health risk is increasing gradually. This year, permanent solutions to device addiction can come. That is, how much time the user is spending on the device screen, it is now known to the software. This year, there will be a built-in feature on the device, which will alert the user if the device uses more tolerable levels. Details about how much time an app is consuming using the device will give details.

Five-Generation Mobile Phone Networks Five-Year Programs for Development This year the commercial use of this network technology will be faster. Twenty-five-speed high-speed service meets the existing 4G network. Optical fiber cable connection requirements are expected to run out when the full-z begins to fully utilize.

Augmented Reality
It is no longer difficult to swim in the deep sea or to walk on Mars. Bri is giving this experience artificially, though not true. We are familiar with this technology to create an artificial environment using computer systems. This experience of three-dimensional world-wide world will come forward for further work. The same thing happens with AR. Especially the people who played the Pokemon game, they know better. And these two technologies are being made with MR or mixed realty. Microsoft is already working on it. Virtual Reality or VR headset is now reached by many. This year, more advanced aggregated realty (AR) technology can take over.

Foldable display
There is a wide range of discussions about flexible or foldable display handsets in the global smartphone market. Organizations such as Huawei and Microsoft from South Korea, starting from Samsung, are working to unveil foldable handsets. This year, the foldable display device will be available, which can be used as a tablet device along with a smartphone as well as a tablet device.

Internet of Things (IOT)
The large network of objects, instruments and other components is the IOT. Among them, the work of IOTs is the exchange of information, software, sensors and electronic data. This new day technology will have a big impact in 2019. “IOT is going to bring a big transformation in our lives,” the technology company said in a report. According to a report by IT company Sisco, IT market will be worth 14.4 trillion dollars in the next ten years.

Robot car
The days of the man’s driver was finished. The car will continue on the road to the future.

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