Successful in outsourcing after failed in the stock market

Successful in outsourcing, Successful in Freelancing

The dream is seen by everyone. The dream of someone becomes successful, and the dream of someone else goes away. Dreams can be made in reality, among them are intellectual, diligence and labor. One such freelance Shariful Islam Recognition of being the best in print design. One of the best 382 envato oasis in 2016. Creative online marketplace for outsourcing work is one of the best handpic items of 2017. In the year 2011, we have received invitations to the most popular AdBi stock market. Shariful’s first income was $ 62. Now he earns more than $ 2,000 a month.

Start story
Shariful Islam, who lives in Dhaka’s Shani Akhara Graduate from the National University Small family with parents and younger sisters And the family’s eldest son Shariful When friends are busy in the job, Shariful then started freelancing. Computer Graphics Learned Baba Shahab Uddin was frustrated by such tears. Have no activities? Just sitting in the house and sitting in the computer all day and night? By this, Shariful’s father broke all the machines with computers.

It is normal for father to be angry. Because earlier in 2010, Shariful started his own business with the five lakhs of money deposited by his father. He is losing the entire money when the collapse of the share business is due to him. Unrest is made at home. ‘I did not understand what to do very bad times. But there was a conviction that, with difficulty, we will build ourselves in outsourcing. “Shariful said.

In 2014 Shariful made a graphic design course in Creative Eye at Dhaka under the Learning and Arounging Program. Then go to the freelancer forest. He is doing the same thing today.

Freelancing through the Prothom-alo and the Internet can know more about the details. The time is 013-14. Participate in a seminar at the Creative IT Institute. Shariful decided to do a graphic design course without the seminar.

Shariful thinks that the graphic design prints and publishing itself is more appropriate. There are many patterns of graphic design. He designed the logo, advertisement, banner, business card, postcard design, powerpoint presentation, letterhead design, book ornaments, last cover, restaurant menu card etc.

Shariful worked mainly on the Ready template. If you want the customer to change it, you can use it. He also served on Envato Studios. Most of Shariful’s customers are from the US and Australia. He has never worked in the country’s market since 2014.

Shariful began to talk about his profession, ‘I can not do anything good when everyone has taken hold of it; Especially my father, my mother did not lose faith or trust in me. Help me silently without informing my father about everything I need. As far as I have achieved success, my mother is all around her.

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