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• Eliminating the age-old age of eating collagen-rich foods.
• Dark green vegetables contain collagen.
• Carrots, tomatoes, lemon, nutrition, etc.

Need to take best foods for skin,  There is a link between diet and skin. The collagen name protein helps to keep our skin bright. With age, production of collagen in the body decreases. As a result the skin continues to bend, the wrinkles begin to fall. If there is a diet rich in collagen in the food list, it helps to remove the age-old imprint. Let us know what helps to maintain youthful appearance.

Dark green vegetables:

Dark green leafy vegetables contain many minerals and vitamins A, C and E. These are useful for making collagen. Place the spinach, especially spinach, broccoli, cabbage, green turnip and bean in the food list.


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Carrots contain lot of vitamin A. Which reproduces collagen on damaged skin. Besides, sweet potatoes, apricots, watermelon and mango can be eaten.


Tomatoes contain a lot of lycopene, which protects the skin from harmful rays of the sun. The harmful ray of the sun breaks the collagen of the skin.

Sea fish:

omega-3 fatty acids and Vitamin D in the sea fish keep the skin soft and strong. It is necessary to eat sea fish for at least two days a week.

Garlic and raw turmeric :

Garlic spices containing high sulfur, which prevent collapse of collagen. And turmeric is called Power House.  By drinking a few pieces of raw garlic and turmeric with water on an empty stomach every morning, the disease resistance power grows and the skin remains smooth.


Lemons are very effective in removing wrinkles and sore skin. The skin remains smooth when you drink a glass of lemon juice without sugar in the morning.

Wood nuts (Almond):

Lots of vitamin E, C and anti-oxidant in the wood peanuts (Almond). Vitamin E is associated with vitamin C and produce collagen. So after 30 years of age, regular five six sets of wood nuts (Almond) Keep on the food menu.



Vitamin C and anti-oxidants are present in the Berries type fruits. Vitamin C creates hydroxyproline, combined with amino acids, proline and glycine. It prevents collagen collapse.



Beetroot’s Vitamin A, C, potassium and super anti-oxidant skin keeps the dead cells clean. Repair the skin’s pores. Drink the juice of 500ml Beetroot per day. The skin remains good by consuming Beetroot as salad.

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