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Apple has to go through several ups and downs since last year to make the US technology Apple. During the last summer, Apple became a trillion-dollar company for the first time as a Western company. But that position could not last longer. In November last year, Apple again touched the milestone of a trillion dollar company. But after that the company started walking again on the other side, the company. Apple chief executive Tim Cook predicted the demand for the iPhone for the first time in almost a decade. Apple’s share price declined by 10 percent on that report. At the same time, the path to fall in the world’s leading smartphone market is also seen.

Apple Chief Tim Cook, who blamed China’s economic condition as the cause of Apple’s plight. Apple has 18 percent of its total sales in the country. Market analysts are observing whether there is a change in the shopping habits of the world due to slowdown of the global economy, trade war between the United States and China. According to the Economist report, there are several reasons behind the low sales of iPhone. The difference in prices is a big factor. Apart from this, customers consider the innovation of smartphones.

Now the use of smart phones is increasing in everything from politics to shopping. Very little of the popular products like smartphones. Smartphone has been popular for more than a decade. But the smartphone has reached the level of annoyance?

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Market analysts say smartphone sales have declined in the last four quarters. For the first time in the year 2018 smartphone sales were seen decreasing. Smartphones are considered to be a tropical year 2019. Smartphone sales can fall further this year and can be increased by a slowdown. The reflection of the Apple iPhone can be reflected in the full smartphone market.

Piere Faragua, a researcher at the New Street Research, market analyst organization, said that the first model of the new product in the technology world is not very good. Additional benefits are available in the second generation. It is possible to make rapid changes. Institutions and engineers can try to occupy the market quickly by catching the previous gaps.

The smartphone market can be compared to the personal computer or the PC market. Of course, smartphones are more personal than PCs. It’s very close to the people. Usually PC market is seen to be growing since 2011. At that time people were more lean towards the PC. Since then, the PC market has seen a decrease. Because, PC’s Recycle Time has increased. But in the last few years this incident happened in the smartphone industry. Now consumers are buying less smartphones. The old smartphone is used long time. Using a smartphone for more than three years.

According to CCS Insight, market analyst institute, in 2010, the customers of Eastern Europe, where a smartphone used for 26 months, is not changing now 39 months ago. That is, a phone has been used for a long time now. As a result, people are losing interest in new phones.

Which way is the market of smartphones
China’s Huawei topped the smartphone market in the second position

Market analysts say, when the new iPhone came into the market, people were waiting outside the store to buy it. But now that interest has decreased. However, after the new feature-rich smartphone market came to the market, it still has some interest. But there is no previous interest. Outside of this, people’s interest in home assistants or new types of devices has increased.

According to Reuters reports, the journey of the smartphone was started with Apple. Apple’s business plan is different from others. They do not agree to sell low priced phones. In the last year, the highest price was released in the iPhone market. The company sees its buyers class differently. But Apple is going ahead with a business plan to sell more of its price, which is facing the obstacle. Windows-powered PCs have acquired such a market at a very affordable price. The smart Android-based smartphone is meeting the needs of buyers. Chinese smartphone maker Huawei and Xiaomi started the competition with Apple. Huawei topped Apple in the last few quarters.

Market analysts say it could not reach to all buyers for the higher price. Out of the world’s wealthy countries, the iPhone’s price is beyond the reach of ordinary people. Since the smartphone has reached the level of personal device or assistant. So people are keeping a smartphone anyway.

GSM Intelligence analyst Tim Hat said, smartphones are more loyal to buyers. Apple has changed its iPhone sales plan, and it has become popular after it brought the most expensive devices to the market. $ 1,999 worth of iPhone brought in the market last year’s iPhone X Max was sold more than the previous year’s XS model. But since Apple is more than hardware, so its sales will have a big impact on the sale.

In the third quarter of 2018, Apple made $ 6 billion worth of profits, 59 percent came from iPhone sales. 16 percent came from iPhone related services. Tim Cook wants to earn double by 2020. Apple is now focusing on increasing the income sector.

Apple just does not want to be dependent on iPhone; Emphasizing the new device. Apple has already arrived in the home assistant market. There is also Apple Watch. Analysts at the market research firm Canalis say every product of Apple is very profitable. Apple has already occupied top position in smartwatch market. Besides, they are coming forward in the market of health related products.

When Apple is busy with increasing prices of their products, 85 percent of the global smartphone market has grabbed Android. Different smartphone makers are trying to catch different types of customers in the market. The phone has received a flagship phone from $ 100 to 1 thousand dollars. The competition has started among smartphone makers. The decrease in sales of smartphones has turned into a fight to survive. Having to pay a lot. Smartphone prices are fast losing.


Chinese smartphone makers have increased the competition. Half of the smartphone market has been sold in the world, Chinese smartphone makers. The smartphone market’s top-selling Samsung smartphone sales declined. However Huawei of China will come forward in the market. Last year, the company grew 33 percent. Huawei has followed the footsteps of Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo. Shawmy has already occupied India’s market.

The intense competition of smartphones has put pressure on companies like Nokia and Sony in the market. They do not have large size markets like Samsung or Chinese companies. If the competition increases, brands like Nokia and Sony will be lost from the market.

The question is, where will the market stand when smartphone sales fall? Analysts are talking about the smartphone market but hopefully. US market analysts say new smartphones are being innovated. As a result, the market will turn again. Samsung could bring a folded phone this year There will be smartphones and tabs. Besides, the phone-enabled phone will be available in the market this year. In all, there can be major changes in the smartphone market. However, if the price of the phone is high or not within the customer’s limits, then the customer can turn it back.

What happens if new inventions and features on smartphone fail to attract buyers ?. Market analysts say that there is nothing to be disappointed by the smartphone makers. Because, smartphone usage rates are still quite good. In the next seven years, more than 100 million people will be covered under the internet facility. Many people are now using affordable Android phones. These phones are available at a price of less than $ 50. Their dependence on these phones is increasing. They think about changing the smartphone. Out of this 35.55 million phones are sold in every three months. There are many more opportunities to increase profits in such a big smartphone market.

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