People are facing danger by killing insects and pests

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insects all over the world are decreasing dramatically. Scientists fear that the insect is reduced by 40 percent in the next ten years. In an article published recently in the Biological Conservation magazine, it is said that insects like bees, ants and beetles are falling eight times in comparison to mammals, birds and reptiles.

According to the BBC report, they identified four things as the cause of pest suppression. But the home-grown flies and cockroaches are increasing. In addition, it is mentioned that the one-third of the insect pests in the study are endangered.

The main author of that review is Sidney University
His teacher Francesco Sánchez-Beo described the reasons for the loss of these pests. He said that the main reason is to waste timely farming in the same field due to agricultural system, urbanization and forest degradation. The second reason, excessive fertilization and insect destruction in agriculture and chemical pollution. The third reason, biological. That is, the natural food cycle and bacterial infection (pathogens). Four reasons, Climate change. Especially in summer prone areas.

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Basically, it is a reviewed research. This review is published based on the study of 73 studies published in 13 years.

It is said that the lost insect insect is the early species of bees, ants and beetles. These are reduced by eight times more than mammals, birds or reptiles. However, there is no house in the house or fly cocktail. Because, they get the favorable environment they wait. Professor Gulshan of the University of Sussex said that the locals of fish and cockroaches can easily adapt themselves to the human habitat. But insects outside it can not be due to warm weather and various adverse factors.

According to the research article, this reduction of insects will have a great negative impact on the environment including humans. Because these insects provide food for birds, reptiles and many small mammals. Besides, many of these insects have played a role in crop production. Because, 75 percent of the crop is pollinated by insect pests. As a result, its negative effects will also fall on humans.

But the research has some limitations. From 99% of the information that is based on this research paper, it is from Europe and North America. The ratio of Africa and South America in the ratio is zero.

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