Mouse computer came into the market

Mouse computer, Mouse computer came into the market

The mouse is used to run the computer. But if the mouse is a whole computer? Recently such an instrument has been created. It is named ‘The Computer Mouse’. There is a small display in front of the mouse and a keyboard on the side. If necessary, pushing this keyboard can be inserted into the mouse. Raspberry Pi computer board has been used to create this computer.

According to NDTV Online, its creator has released a video on the electronic grenade name on the YouTube computer with that mouse computer. The raspberry pie zero board, one gigahertz processor has been used in this computer. The mouse has also been made in 3D printing technology. It has, however, a little bigger than the normal mouse. The front of the mouse is a one and a half inch OLED display of size. Sliding keyboard on the bottom left of the mouse.

Using the mouse computer in the video, Minecraft game has been shown by its creator. After starting the computer it took 40 seconds to boot. In addition to using computer, various types of typing work has been seen in the video.

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