Microsoft can bring HoloLens 2 to market

Microsoft HoloLens 2, HoloLens 2

Microsoft is going to organize a press event in the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next month. It is being speculated that the company will announce the announcement of the new Augmented Reality headset ‘HoloLens 2’ in the event.

Microsoft is going to host the event on February 24th. It will be attended by chief of staff Satya Nadella, Technical Fellow Alex Kippman and CVP Julia White. It is assumed from Keypman’s name that it will be the HoloLens 2 event. There are many contributions to this project – News Technology Site’s

Microsoft has not participated in Mobile World Congress in recent years after closing Windows Phone. Usually Windows Mobile’s annual press event and Windows Phone updates and new handsets were brought to MwC. Now with the new device, Microsoft is likely to return to the show.

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Microsoft has been working on the Hollands headset for several years. Its sign name is called Sydney. It is expected that the new area of ‚Äč‚Äčthis headset will expand further. The device will be much slim and comfortable than ever before.

It is said that the next generation of connector sensors and a custom AI chip may be added to the device to increase performance. There are rumors that Qualcomm Snapdragon 850 processors may be installed on the device.

No detailed information was provided about Microsoft’s event. But in addition to the new HoloLens’s, the company’s Azure, along with other cloud platforms and cloud, could be announced in the 2019 plan.

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