Messenger latest version 2019

Messenger latest version 2019

Those who are using the Facebook Messenger app, they must have noticed the change. About eight months ago, Facebook’s ‘F8’ Developer Conference announced the announcement of the new design’s latest messenger update. Now the new design is gradually being open to everyone. Google Play Store has already updated the messenger updates.

Facebook authorities say, those who have not yet received the new design messenger, they will get soon. However, the new design has given importance to messaging.

According to a report on technology website, The Facebook has delayed updating the new design announcement. The company has released updates for both iOS and Android platforms. However, it may take some time for all customers to reach the update. New design has been made to make chatting easier. The designs are brought back to the front and center of the design. The previous nine tabs have been reduced to three. Facebook claims, it will be cleaner to see messenger interface.

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Messengers has all the features as before. But this time most of the features have been hidden in the ‘Four-dot’ icon. That is, features like games, bots and reminder can not be seen anymore.

However, Messengers’ new design could not please everyone. Many see it as negative. Many complain that many do not understand the new design. Someone commented that Messenger’s previous design was good. But the authorities have done a thorough research to bring good aspects to the new updates.

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