Huawei brings new processor

Kunpeng 920, Huawei New Processor

China’s technology company Huawei wants to give a shock in the tech world: Huawei The company announced the introduction of ARM-based new CPU in the market. Huawei’s chief marketing plan officer William Zhou inaugurated the Shenzhen Qunpeng 920 processor in Shenzhen on Monday.

The Huawei authorities say that the Kunpong 920 processor can increase the computing power of Big Data, Distributed Storage and ARM based applications. Huawei will work in the field of industry to advance ARM industry and improve computing performance. In this case, they are interested in building an open ecosystem.

CPU is designed in Huawei’s special 7-nanometer technology. This ensures faster processing power using algorithm-optimized options.

Huawei claims that the new CPU can work with 25 percent more efficiency than the other CPUs and 30 percent less energy consumption. It works by using 64 core in 2.6 GHz frequency, which can provide a total of 64 Gbps bandwidth.

William Zhu said, ‘Huawei has continuously invented the computing field to provide better quality service to the customers. Due to the diversification of various applications and data, computing has become very important now. We have achieved great success due to our long-standing partnership with Intel Company. At the same time, we have been contributing to the development of ICT industry. These long-term and strategic partnerships with Huawei and Intel will continue in the future.

Huawei shows the Tsayan series server powered by Huawei Kunupeng 920. Teashan will provide 20 percent higher computing performance and support for different companies with very little electricity costs.

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