How to get more ‘Like’ on Facebook

Increase Facebook Like, Get More Facebook Like

People want to attract others’ attention. This has made people want to get more creative. Tell a music star, actor or poet-writer; The main goal of everyone is to reach out to others. Whether there is a debate over Facebook’s likes or neglect, it is also a section of the desire to attract that attention. The person who wrote an irritating criticism on Facebook like him, he also likes the last time.

It’s not a bad idea to get like. Bad, like getting in the power of getting intoxicated. That’s the main fear. For a while, analyzing the social trend, many people have been doing so much like this desire to get the like, which is not right. Which may not match our values. Again, for his own sake, he gave a wrong message to society.

again and again, with the like-minded criteria, the tendency to judge everything now has been created. If an actor gets more likes than another actor in his post; That does not mean, like the one who is more like the actor is better. Because, it is seen that the person’s affiliation with the person is related to the profession but it is not as big as it can be. Rather, what the person is posting on social media, it affects the number of likes.

There is also an aspect of technical like How Facebook will reach any information, and it has a program. The algorithm of Facebook alters this rule. As Facebook now wants to focus more on video and images. There are many backwards technical aspects, which we do not know. The reason why people like on Facebook is like, but there are a number of psychological studies on this.

Status or post type
Some interesting facts came from the study of US analyst-firm ‘Kismetrics’ on Facebook. On Facebook, usually 53 percent more likes are available. 104 percent of comments and 84 percent likes are available in picture-based status. The company has given some suggestions on the extent of writing in the post. Posting a minimum of 80 words, 66 percent of Facebook users increase their involvement.

The number of ‘likes’ will gradually increase if rules are posted once or twice daily. But in the neutral post people like less. Negative post or human tendency to have a tendency to like people. Besides, if you post at least one to four times a week, 71 percent more responses will be received from friends or followers.

Facebook is seriously focusing on the video. You can use your mobile phone. But for any post on Facebook, always remember a formula: What to post, it will be ten times in the thought of not posting what I will not post.

I want to get a sense of intelligence
Whatever the famous person posts on Facebook, it does not take time to ‘viral’. But this is not true for the people. If you want to separate yourself from mangoes, use Facebook account with a little bit of intelligence.

1. Please understand the importance of ‘like’ words. The conventional idea is that like all post posts to be popular on Facebook. Many people are more likely to get back to their account like this. But this is a totally wrong idea. Unlike any unpleasant, controversial page or post, the number of likes on your account can decrease! Because, people will think that there are problems with your personality or thinking.

2. In case of Facebook post, you should remember that which you like, it may not be good for another person. Therefore, it is not okay to post everything on Facebook. Not an annoying, exceptional post. People like something exceptional. It may be fun, laughing or crying; Just be exceptional.

3. People love to get news, love to get news. Now any news is available on the facebook than before the media. For this reason, share the news of various sources of trustworthy sources. Also write your personal opinion on the news as well. In this, people will recognize you differently, give importance. You can write about any of the latest topics discussed. It can be in the game, politics, culture or entertainment world. But people prefer writing about social problems.

4. Use special days specially. Suppose, your friend’s birthday. In the meantime, the birthday wishes will tell, if you can do something different with him. Find out which famous people are born on your friend’s birthday, find out something interesting. Remember, there is a different kind of creativity on Facebook.

5. The posting ‘timing’ is very important on Facebook to get more likes. Before cutting the rash, you should post it. According to the survey, if there is any talk of events, the presence of human beings on Facebook increases. Again the night before the holiday, after the evening holidays, people came through socially. On the holiday, there is an interest to know or to know who has done it.

More information
Bring fame into profile picture, occasionally switch profile pictures. Movie or book-review If it’s funny, then it’s good. Occasionally walk the streets of criticism. But criticism is not irrational. Even though the comments or comments of people pouring on Facebook, people respond more. But there are some dangers. There is a legal hassle.

Post your own emotions, but it’s good to be moderate in numbers. Keep in mind, much like getting more likes with pornographic or communal posts, the danger of getting worse is worse. If writing is good, then write about different things, which will force people to think. If you have a habit of standing beside danger, then your Facebook account can be a very big platform.

Keep updating business pages
The main gate of your business and commerce is that pages created for the promotion of that business on Facebook Profiles and cover pictures are important in good resolution and it must be a business-related picture. Post regularly with the various qualities of your product. No matter how good the product is, it will not be more like giving a regular post to the promotion. The ‘About section’ of the page should always be updated. Remember, people are much more aware than ever before. So, if all information on the business page is not correct, it is normal to reduce the number of followers. And the number of follow-ups means that there is a decrease in the likelihood of decreasing liking.

Last word
Facebook is the most popular social media in the world. Dhaka is the second largest city in the world to judge the number of active Facebook users. In Bangladesh, 99 percent of the social media used is the Facebook user. Facebook can be the medium of your attention. But it should be used to combine patience, intelligence and creativity. Do not get into the addiction again!

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