How to determine is the cyclone’s name

The characteristics of the cyclone are same kind, but region wise called in different The cyclone is called the storm of the Indian Ocean region.While working in Calcutta, an English ex-ship Henry Piddington suggested the Cyclone name from the Greek word cyclos (Means: Snake Coil) after seeing the monster type storm in the region. He used ‘ Cyclone ‘ in the 1948 Sailors Horn Book for the Law of Storms for the sailors.

In the Atlantic Ocean, this same cyclone is the called ‘hurricane.’Its speed is more than 74 miles per hour. On the other side, This same cyclone is called ‘ typhoon ‘ in the Pacific region. However, no matter where the cyclone is called, It appears in different names every time. Anyone can raise questions about how these names are determined.

In the past, the name of the storm is based on latitude longitude But complexity arises in the determine with latitude longitude. For example, if someone called “The storm coming 8 degrees north latitudes” it will be difficult understand for local peoples. Different experiments have shown that, short and specific naming is more easily and faster to understand than complex and theoretical names. Just like that, It is easy for everyone to understand ‘ Mahasen ‘ is coming. In addition, inform the storm data gathered from the weather stations, To warn everyone on the seashore, Storm is named simply because it is very easy to communicate with storm signals for water vessels. From this requirement, the World Meteorological Organization’s Regional Committee was formed. Later, The next the cyclone’s name determine before the cyclone.

The Indian Meteorological Department is responsible for forecasting the North Indian Ocean area. The United States National Heriken Center is responsible for forecasting the North Atlantic Basin. The World’s Meteorological Organization’s Regional Panel ‘Escape’ comprising Bangladesh, Myanmar, India, Pakistan, Maldives, Sri Lanka and Oman. According to the offer of `Escape’ in 2000, 10 names are collected from each country. The next cyclone is named after this in Asian area. Recently Cyclone Titli hits on India & Bangladesh Area, The name of the cyclone will Fethai, Phani, Air, Hikka, Kair, Maha, Bulbul, Saaba and Aman in this area.

The name gives the name according to the characteristics, the name of the storm does not have an alphabetical order, When a storm happened in reality, the next name is alternately selected from the list Because the storm is associated with death and destruction, so the name is not repeated.