Google’s ad blocker is being launched in all countries

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Google has taken an initiative to stop showing spam ads in the browser considering Internet users’ protection. Google Chrome will not display advertisements that are shown as spamming with annoying popup ads from 9th July.

Google authorities have announced that their Chrome browser’s built-in add blockers will be exposed in all countries of the world. Last year, this facility was introduced in some countries in the United States, Canada and Europe. It will be launched in other countries from July next.

Google has said that they are not working to target ads; Rather they want to keep the internet safe. Google wants to ensure standard advertisements showing the convenience of users.

Last year, Google stopped showing ads according to the policies made by a trade company named Coalition for Better Ads. According to that policy, no site will be able to take bogus advertisements. Google will not show ads where there will be repeated annoying ads on the site.


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