Google says to be careful in downloading apps

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Many from the Google Play store download the necessary apps. But the Google Play store is not completely safe right now — Google acknowledged it. These platforms have spread malicious programs. Cyber security experts are therefore advised to stay alert when downloading apps from the Google Play store.

They say cyber criminals create harmful programs targeted by users of Android software. Personal information may be stolen while downloading these apps. Apart from this, users may be subjected to various types of losses.

Google has given several suggestions on how to use the Play Store to stay safe from cyber criminals. One of their blog posts said, “There is a lot to do to prevent cyber criminals from us. But you need help to keep Google Play safe. You have to accept some rules for app and games that can be safely downloaded and used.

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Google’s suggestions are:
1. Do not write a good review about a bad app in exchange for a gift or a gift in Google Play Store.

2. Do not write any comments about any game or app related to hate. Can construct constructive criticism or review.

3. Do not comment without breaking the policy-such as sex, repressive or insignificant.

4. After reading Google’s comment policy, then write the review.

5. If you receive comments without blurring about an app in Google Play Store, then mark it as spam. The developers can review it.

6. Google Developers, they will not hire anyone to spend money in any way to review.

7. Do not run attractive promotions to increase app ratings within apps. It violates the policy.

8. Must be a Google Play Developer Policy.

Apart from these guidelines, Google has been warned on behalf of Google. With the use of artificial intelligence and workers, they started working against fake comments, ratings and reviews as well as removing harmful apps.

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