Found red soil on the backside of the moon

For the first time the spacecraft has reached the back of the moon. By the hand of China, the picture of the rear backwards has started coming in the world. The country has already started publishing those pictures.

After reaching China’s Rovers and Landar Moon, they sent pictures of each other to the world. The video and panoramic images were published by the Chinese Space Research Organization.

According to the BBC, the space station where rover and lander were there, they went there. They will be engaged in geological research on the opposite side of the moon. This episode called Chong E-4 called the ‘ Von Karman Crater’ on the moon in which the robot was taken, that part of the moon never traveled around the globe. As a result, people have always been interested in this section.

Robot traffic has been sent to Shing Chang Launch Center. Moonstone and soil samples will be collected through this. Through which the path of research on the unknown direction of the moon was opened on Earth.

The Chinese Space Research Organization says that the temperature is up to 200 degrees centigrade. But the rover, the lender and the relay satellites are stable.

From the panoramic picture, the vehicle is working to collect information about landing sites in the ‘Von Carmen Crater’ section. Scientists are working on basic analysis based on this photo. These pictures show that there is reddish soil.

This operation started on December 7. And it touched the Moon soil on January 3.

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