Five threats for online protection, may hacked personal information

Five threats for online protection, Online Safety

If necessary or unnecessary, every day we use e-mails, social media and websites. However, your personal information may be trafficked to cyber criminals in a little inadvertent use of these means of sharing information. Generally young people are more at such risk. The same is true for new Internet users. To ensure the adequate security of mobile phones or tabs in safeguarding personal information, you will also refrain from these five tasks-

1. Free Wi-Fi Access
Free Wi-Fi for the public is not usually safe. If hackers want to take data on this network, you can grab your data. Imagine entering any e-mail, password or other information on a website that you browse using any public Wi-Fi. Data may be lost to third-party users using the same network. If you do not need to be free of it, refrain from using open Wi-Fi and make sure the network is safe before using it.

2. Provide very personal information on e-mail
E-mail popularity among communication medium is not less. Before sending e-mail, make sure the address is correct. So be aware that sending personal information or adding attachments should be followed.

3. The free use of social media
In social media, you share important moments of your life. Even after your privacy protection settings and network security are strengthened, your personal information shared with you may go to someone else’s hands. As a result, cyber criminals can spread your untimely information online, which will put your virtual identity or personal life at risk.

4. Fill the online form without understanding
To access many websites nowadays, you have to enter some personal information. Although most of the information is needed to use the website, it is also good to take precautions to provide information. Before providing information on the website, please read their privacy policy to make sure that the information you provide will be used.

5. Use weak and easy password
Difficult to remember complex passwords, many people use easy-to-guess passwords. This puts you in the risk of your data. So use passwords made of combination of upper and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols. Use different passwords for each website. If possible, change old password for a few days.

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