Facebook do not sell users’ information: Zuckerberg

Facebook do not sell users' information

Facebook has accused the company of selling its information to users in secret. However, he completely denied the allegation by Facebook’s chief executive Mark Zuckerberg. Mark Zuckerberg, in an opinion published in the Wall Street Journal, shares this information.

A report by the AFP, the Facebook founder, said yesterday that he picked up his tough stance on Facebook’s business model. In it, Zuckerberg argues that it is different to selling user information to show ads based on the interest of Facebook users.

Zuckerberg said, “If we go to serve someone, we have to create a service that will be accessible to everyone. The best way to do this is to offer the service free of cost. It is possible to advertise it for advertising. ‘

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There has been a terrible year for Facebook in 2018. Several times the information was leaked from the site. As a result, concerns about privacy have been created.

However, Facebook’s revenue and number of users are increasing after the allegation against Facebook.

Zuckerberg’s comment, the need to know the interest of the people to free ads and relieve the annoyance. In this case, the Facebook user likes and uses signals from their opinion about the ads.

Zuckerberg said, ‘Many times people take what we do not do. For example, there is a complaint about selling information about us, which is not right. Selling information will ruin confidence on us. Besides, it will also damage Facebook’s business. Competitors will be competitive in advertising by getting information. Apart from this, the user controls the information about the closing of advertisers.

In 2016, criticizing the spread of misleading information as a platform against Facebook, including influencing US elections in spreading false information.

Zuckerberg said that clickbite or nonsense can increase engagement for a short time, but it is foolish to show them deliberately. Because, people do not want them. Besides, we do not raise any harmful or deceptive content to enhance the engagement.

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