Commercial Generator safety rules

Commercial Generator safety rules maintain is important to keep safe condition. Generator is essential machine to power generation for commercial & production factory, Gas Generator is one of the most useful. This article mainly wrote for gas generator but some have some important point for all kind of generator. Let’s know some information in detail below.

Generator safety rules.

1) Generator room must wear rubber sole shoes while working.
2) Wear rubber hand gloves while working.
3) Turn off the main circuit breaker before engine start.
4) Must be connected to guards & Protective shield.
5) Keep correct level water of search tank site.
6) Keep enough engine mobile oil.
7) Keep charge all the time on Battery.
8) Must switch ON Cooling Tower & Fan.
9) Use ear muffs.

Generator Operation Procedure

Check the following issues before turn on the generator.
1. Switch of the main circuit breaker.
2. Protective guards, shield fitted?
3. Check the water of search tank site glass, fill right amount distilled water
4. Check water, mobil & Gas line leak.
5. Check mobil oil amount on the engine.
6. Battery is OK?
7. Is gas pressure working correctly?
8. Turn on Cooling Tower & Fan.

The rules of turn on gas generator.

1. Ignition switch on and keep manual sut levers open positions
2. from the Control Panel on the start switch
3. And pre lube pump check that turned is on.
4. Check voltage frequency.
5. Check PIF Plant, then turn on main circuit breaker and increase load slowly.
6. If Power factory is less than 0.8 then turn on PIF Plant.

Generator shutdown rules:

1. Decrease loads slowly then turn of main circuite.
2. Keep running on without Load.
3. Keep running on Engine from control panel.
4. Turn of Manual Gas Valve.
5. Keep running Grillub pump, Keep post lubing on Engine.
6. Turn of cooling tower & fan.