Coming ‘Linkedin Live’

Video demand is increasing worldwide
There was no new information about LinkedIn for a long time. But this time they are going to introduce new services. LinkedIn is going to bring new video services.

According to a report by NDTV, video and live streaming have quickly become the next destination for online social networking, leaving text and pictures. Big companies like Twitter and Facebook are occupying a large part in this sector. LinkedIn, known as the social networking platform of professionals, is going to enter the sector again.

The company under Microsoft launched a video broadcast service called ‘LinkedIn Live’. There will be all the facilities for live video broadcasting.

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TechCrunch, a technology website, said the LinkedIn service started in the United States on experimental basis. Later, the company will open the services and personalities and the company will open it. According to LinkedIn’s official help page, initially a few broadcasting organizations are experimenting with live video broadcasting. Applications will be received from other users soon.

In the LinkedIn community at the beginning, live streaming will be offered to small groups and visitors. In this case, the company has been associated with the organization like Suitter Studios, Social Live, WAZA Media Systems, as a third party organization. They will work with LinkedIn select content creators. LinkedIn will depend on live Microsoft’s Azure Media service.

About the video content of LinkedIn, the company’s product manager department director Pete Davis said the video was the most sought after feature in the LinkedIn community. The demand for video on our platform is increasing. However, LinkedIn’s video does not have any way to earn money on LinkedIn’s authority.

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