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At one time many people laughed after listening to the Chinese brand’s smartphones. But now there are many brands of smartphones in the market of different countries of the world. These smartphones ranges from the price to as many as possible, as it is used in the new technology. Phones that are so popular in African countries

Recently a CNN report highlighted the popularity of Transsion flagship brand ‘TECHNO‘ in Africa. Note that outside of Africa, there has been a growing market Transsion, including countries such as India, Russia, Bangladesh, Indonesia.

CNN’s report said that Chinese brand Transsion is far ahead of Apple in Africa.In the western countries transsion is unknown but it’s better choice than apple, samsung phones in Africa. Techno’s flagship phones are sold in the cities like Lagos, Nairobi and Addis Ababa.

But surprisingly, they do not have a shop in China. Where Huawei, Xiomi, among other brands of China has made the first impression on the market in their own country, they have been successful in their own country then the process of marketing in other countries. Transsion is like strangers on their own country, but they are successful in other countries by adopting different technique.
Its large headquarters is located in Megacity, Shenzhen, southern China. However, there is no such plan to expand business in their home country very soon.

Transsion officials say that their cameras are optimized in such a way that the photo may take more light while the photo shoots, and the picture enhances the beauty.

The founder of Transsion, George Zu, has worked as head of sales approx 10 years in another mobile company in Africa. In a decade, he traveled to Africa. From there, he realized that to sell mobile phones to Africans, they need to create a product to understand their needs, which global companies could not understand. The time was also favorable. In the mid-2000s, the Chinese government encouraged the entrepreneurs of the country and took a go-out strategic decision to expand business with other countries of the world. Especially in African countries, the importance of investment is given. In early 2006, George started his journey through techno marketing in Africa’s most populous country Nigeria.

Keeping in mind the advantages of Africans, three technicians in China, Nigeria and Kenya have set up three research centers to give them the latest technologies. Keeping in mind the language of the people of this continent, Amharic, Hisa and Swahili languages ​ added to the phone’s keyboard. Load sheading is a major problem in this region, as a solution to increase battery capacity on the phone. Transsion is limited to their TECHNO, INFINIX and i-tel three features of the brand and the price of the smartphone is between $15 to $200. Where the price of other brands of phones is much higher than the Transsion.

According to market research firm Canalis, Transsion occupation of the mobile-phone market in Africa since 2010. According to IDC’s research, about one-third of the number of transsion smartphones sold in Africa. According to the their data, there are currently around 10 thousand in Africa and 6,000 workers in China. The company is working to increase the market outside Africa.