Boyfriend’s classification

Boyfriend’s classification : 

Overprotective Boyfriend : They are the kind of lovers of the home guard type, Always suffering from unrest. From the outdoor winds to house fan’s winds their complaints with about everything!, Even Girlfriend’s clothes, eating habits, Life Style to everything have in the surveillance of overprotective Boyfriend.

Online boyfriend : A few times a day, posted on Facebook about various issues & a calling on girlfriend’s messenger. Upload photos one by one, by tagging there girl friends. Just around there phone installed Whatsapp, Facebook, Imo, Messenger & Social Media apps. Chat all night long is meaning of love to them.

Doubtful boyfriend : They are the kind of lovers of the suspective type, From the little crocodile to the driver of the ride sharing service, everyone suspects them. When the girlfriend’s phone waiting, their doubts starts. They think, all people are enemies around them. Girl friend’s Ex boyfriend is back in the night sleep with nightmares.

Lazy boyfriend : They are loves to sleep rather than hangout with a girlfriend. After talking two minutes on the phone, they get laziness. Lover’s birthday, love anniversary, valentine day etc. remembering the date seems to be a very complicated task to them. One day a year, they eat nuts in the park with lover. Think of the world boyfriend himself.

Poet boyfriend : They publish each moment of love in rhythm of poetry, They like to get hurt by love, Because the poet said, after get hurt by love, Comes feelings in poetry.

Author: Rafiuzzaman Sifat