Bill Gates standing in line for a burger!

Bill Gates Lifestyle, Bill Gates standing in line for a burger!

Microsoft founder Bill Gates is always a different man. although he is one of the world’s richest people and he likes to obey the rules. Recently, one of his such incidents has viral widely in social media. He and ten people stand in line for buying burger. A person named Mike Gallows post this photo on Facebook last Tuesday when he stood on the line someone captured that moment.

According to India Times Online, Microsoft founder Bill Gates like Fast Food. Often he buys it from the shop. He is often seen in Washington’s boulevard’s Burgagermaster. But last week he was seen in front of another local burger shop in Seattle.

In a post posted on Microsoft’s former employee Mike Gallows, one of the richest people in the world, standing in a line for burgers, put a pocket on his pocket after a normal pants and jacket. Though he was hungry, he did not try to break the line and try to move forward.

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Galois said that he did not move the image. He received it from a former Microsoft employee on Sunday.

According to Daily Mail Online, Bill Gates is seen in the film as a red-colored sweater. Last Sunday he stood on that line. The burger that he stood on the line, at the highest cost of $ 768, 68 dollars. The image was posted earlier in the Microsoft Alumni Group. Since then the film has more than 12 thousand shares.

Currently Bill Gates’s assets amount to 95.5 billion US dollars.

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