Be careful about Free virtual private network – Free VPN

Be careful about Free virtual private network - Free VPN

Many people use VPN software to protect online privacy. But instead of keeping them safe online, there are many VPN software that transmits all your data. There are allegations of selling information against more than 25 percent of the 150 popular VPN apps in the Google Play Store. Of these, 85 percent of users can face big problems in personal safety.

According to the NDTV Online report, this information has been released recently in a review published on Top Ten website. Especially those VPN apps are being downloaded free of cost, more data is being trafficked.

It is said in the report that most of the VPN users have leaked the DNS data. Using this information, internet service providers or intelligence departments can monitor any online activity. Because of this, users are not protected online using by most of the free VPN.

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It has been found that, among the 150 VPN apps, 99 requests are allowed for unnecessary information. 38 VPN wants to get statistical information and 57 personal information. Besides, these apps also want to read the camera, microphone, messages. Generally, these information is not useful for VPN apps. So it is suspicious to ask permission for such information.

The popular VPN App Hotspot Shield Free, which is available on the Play Store, has no malware available on Super VPN, High VPN, Hotspot Shield Basic, Shiffen Pro, Turbo VPN, VPN Master, Snap VPN, Holla and Speed VPN. However, it is doubtful for certain applications to get permission for certain information.

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