Baby Care, Baby’s first six years

Child Care, Baby's first six years

This time of year is bad for the health of Harbors. The heat of sunlight in the day, early morning cold winter. The last night was too cold to take, if the fan turned up. So sleeping the time to sleep with tattered, coating or hot clothes and keep light speeds fan on. Give a little extra attention to children in the night.

Child care from 1 to 6 years old:

* In this age, children are playing and running. So don’t need to wear too much hot and heavy clothes. But be sure to Warmth up during the morning to go to school and play in the afternoon.

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* There can be some contagious diseases in winter through each other at school. So take care of the child’s skin. The regular lotion apply as if the skin does not become dry.

* It is better to use olive oil before bathing without using mustard oil. Baby lotion can be used after bathing. In addition to two to three days a week soap and shampoo can be used.

* Vegetables and fruits, for example: orange, plum & Grapes etc. let them eat too much.

* Use baby oil or Vaseline on the baby’s skin care.


In the beginning of winter and when the sun rises, the baby’s coating, mattress, blankets, coats etc will be put in the sun. After bringing it home from the sun, you have to keep it dusted at home. And it’s best to use cloth cover to protect them from dust.

Don’t do:

* Do not keep the child unnecessarily extra sweater.
* Do not give clothes, coats, blankets etc. on the baby’s nose or face.
* Do not wear excessive clothes if the child is fever. It increases the body heat.

Baby care until 1 year
* Keep the baby warm as needed. It should not be kept in a damp house.

* Feed the baby regularly breast milk. Do not give cold milk in sleep.

* * If the baby is more than six months old, give the baby breast milk as well as other foods. you can give white part of egg, red spinach & Lettuce in hodgepodge. Lemon juice, give orange juice. This will increase the immune system.

* Children who crawl, see that they do not crawl on cold floors. However, it is better not to use carpets. Because, allergic to the dust of the carpet. So using mat or matte is good.

* After bathing a day, with warm water. Apply a baby lotion after bathing. Many do not do regular bathing to the newborn. Due to this, various diseases are produced in the body of the child.

* Do not wear very hot clothes at the time. But thick cotton yarn can be worn. Tightening or wool clothes can cause the baby’s body to swallow.

* Treat the child wearing soft cloth shoes.

* There is less immune system in older children. So the cold, the cough can easily fall. It is better to take the child away from the crowded places (fairs, picnic).

Dr. Md. Al Amin Mridha:
Department of Health,
Shaheed Suhrawardy Medical College Hospital,

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