A true love story!

Let’s start to read

Let’s start to read.
A true love story : 11 oct, 9 pm to 30 minutes I’m waiting for bus in the lamabazar point in Sylhet. Suddenly I noticed a crazy girl hugging a photo frame in her chest. She is looking at the frame again and again exchanging her emotions with the frame. Ever smile! Sometimes angry! Sometimes egotistic! My Curious mind forgot about the bus.

I went to the nearest to the crazy girl. I tried to see what this frame has, When I got close, the girl hid the frame and moved a bit. I think he’s a little bit embarrassed!, Standing there.

I tried to talk to him from a distance. The girl is ignoring me like an intelligent. Maybe no girl can be avoided like her intelligence. I was surprised!, I was taken more time to observe her situation. After some time the girl’s crying looked at the frame. Seeing from a distance, a picture in the frame and a letter written in hand. Not to be left to understand, Slowly I got closer to her & told her that, “If you cry, he will get pain!” The girl looked at me, she was removing tears and trying to move a bit.

I said, how he looks? Directly, She showed the frame with a smile. I saw a picture of a handsome man and a handwritten letter beside the photo. Although the whole letter written by pen but end of the letter one line written in red ink “Even if I ever die, love me” —– Ah!

At the same time, she wanted to move quickly. I asked her, “What happened to him?”, Just pointing the sky showed the sky. Probably wanted to say that the man is dead, Yes, he died, but that crazy girl still loves him. To survive, all the holy love.